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 How to make Ultimate Weapons!

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PostSubject: How to make Ultimate Weapons!   Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:20 am

Only Unique weapons (weapons with a green name) can be upgraded into Ultimate weapons. A weapon must first be upgraded to +10 before it can be upgraded to Ultimate. Once you have a Unique weapon +10, bring that weapon to (Upgrade Specialist) BoBoChan in Flarine. When talking to him, select "Ultimate Upgrade", and the Ultimate Upgrade window will appear. You will see three spaces to place items into the window. The middle space is for the weapon, the left space is for one Shining Oricalkum, and the right space is for one jewel. The type of jewel necessary for an Ultimate upgrade depends on the type of Unique weapon being upgraded.

Unique Weapon: Jewel Needed:

Guadian Weapon (lvl60) Topaz

Historic Weapon(lvl75) Ruby

Angels Weapon(lvl90) Sapphire

Legendary Golden Weapon(lvl105) Emerald

Bloody Weapon(lvl120) Diamond

Once the three necessary items have been placed into the window, click the Start button. If the upgrade is successful, the weapon will now be an Ultimate version of the weapon you placed in the window. If the upgrade fails, everything in the window will be lost, including the weapon. (Note: Using a Scroll of Xprotect before attempting the upgrade will prevent the weapon from being destroyed in the case of a failure.) GRRR

GOOD LUCK!!!! Nice
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How to make Ultimate Weapons!
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