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 Maze Clash of the Boss

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PostSubject: Maze Clash of the Boss   Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:14 am

Its Maze Boss hunting Time!!
This event is easy as eating peanut.
Ofcourse peanut, what are guys thinking?hmm Naughty!
Ok, This goes like enter the maze , find the bosses,
All bosses are aggressive, so better keep your pots up!!
But the good thing is Bosses only have almost half alive,
its a fair thing huh.
You can be at party if you like, Bosses Drops , hundreds of sunstones, Moonstones,
and rare items.
to join, just type /say Join.
when you got teleported the event starts.
Ok, Let the Monster maze hunting event start.

Have Fun!!!

NOTE:This event will be effective when Admin i.hack is online.

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Maze Clash of the Boss
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